I live in the San Francisco Bay area and a (stereo)typical Software programmer by day.
My passions are reading, writing , travelling (by bicycle when possible) and meeting fascinating fellow travelers who provide me with the inspiration to write. I was fortunate to have lived in the Indian state of Maharashtra , Singapore and the American Midwest thereby giving me enormous opportunities to encounter a lot of very diverse ,wonderful and interesting people which provided fodder for my imagination. I also try to read voraciously though I think I watch a lot more movies than I read .

One of my life goals is to go through this list at least once

St Johns College Reading List.
This blog was started predominantly to host my stories though lately I write about whatever strikes my fancy or inspires me. I am slowly finding out that the (metaphorical and actualΒ ) travels of my fellow bloggers is far more inspiring than anything I have encountered before

23 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Wooknight. The ‘About’ page (this one) is where the blogger say a little something about the blog or themselves, and where visitors go went their comments are not post-related (like, about the blog in general or just saying ‘hi’). Just saying. Welcome to blogging, and Good luck πŸ™‚

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  2. Thank you . Need all the encouragement that I can get to go through that list

    “thank you for making me fulfill one of my resolutions” making me fix my “About” was one of your resolutions?

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