2015 : In Memoriam with Gratitude

All my fellow bloggers around me are blogging away about the year that was and so on and so forth and I am suddenly mildly envious , as mild as a skunk in heat. Bereft of eyes at the back of my head like Janus  as referenced by my fellow blogger Bun Karyodo and blessed with a memory that is suspiciously like Guy Pearce’s memory in Memento . (I wonder if I had met Christopher Nolan and inspired him but I don’t remember) . I realized that while I have a zillion things to be celebrate this year (don’t ask what those zillion things are , remember Guy Pearce’s memory) , the one that I am truly grateful for is the blogging buddies that I have managed to make this  year.

My good friend Tejaswini started her own blog , The Baba Yaga Project and inspired me to start along as well  , for which I will always be grateful . She is very creative and has a incredibly lengthy (and diverse) list of interests . My favorites tend to be the times when she marries mythology to the modern world which she seems to do effortlessly.

Years ago I used to read P.G.Wodehouse and occasionally when I get time, I still do . Another humorous author that I like is Damon Runyon . He is the author of the original story of “Guys and Dolls” , the brilliant broadway musical by  Abe Burrows and  Jo Swerling. Bun Karyodo carries on those proud traditions with aplomb and his own original wit . He is an incredible comic .  I cannot recommend him enough for anybody who wants to liven up their day with a good laugh

SirenLost has a lovely blog that she calls Love Letters Lost at Sea . She has a incredibly rich and poetic imagination that she exploits and utilizes to the hilt . Her poetry is simply exquisite and prolific

Another poetess is Ms Book Thief . Words fail me when I try to describe her poetry, rich in emotion and imagination , one simply has to partake of this rich feast that she shares with us.

I recently got acquainted with Tosha Michelle and have been reading her poetry as well . Her poetry is vivid and evocative and something that strikes me as easily translatable into songs. I suppose that is deliberate. She has a wide variety of interests including playing music and has also published books that are available to buy on Amazon.

Years ago , I had read Malcolm Gladwell’s Tipping Point where he talks about Mavens and connectors . We have all heard of 6 degrees of separation but when we dig further , we find that those connections tend to go through some of the same people . In network parlance these people would be the routers and switches  in human terms that connector is called a Maven. I believe my fellow blogger the Lonely Author is probably the greatest Maven on WordPress . I believe eventually everybody on WordPress will have two degrees of separation and that everybody is connected to everybody else via The Lonely Author . While he has a rich imagination and I truly enjoy his posts  ,he is also incredibly generous with his time as I have experienced several times. His Devil Girl posts are legion and while he claims that every man has his one devil girl, I am still waiting for mine so that I can have my own Devil Girl posts.

I recently discovered Miss Gentileschi and her wonderful works of art . I have always had a desire for working with my hands but the keyboard is about the only instrument that I have managed to master . It is incredible for me to watch her works of art come to life .

I have always loved travelling and I have been incredibly lucky to have the opportunities that I have had . But the list of places to see is long and the more I read  , the list tends to grow longer while time seems to be ticking away at the same rate . My fellow bloggers Marion,  panhirsch and Pernnille Oberg are avid travelers and I am lucky to live vicariously through their incredible pictures . Thanks to their generosity for sharing it with the rest of us .


18 thoughts on “2015 : In Memoriam with Gratitude

  1. Thank you sooo much Ramesh! I am deeply honoured and so glad that you like my works! I am sure there is something else you could work at with your hands (although to master the keyboard is, at least for me;), already something to be proud of), you may just not have it found yet. And anyway, you´re so talented with words – good writing is a wonderful craft of it´s own, so please: don´t be so strict with yourself!:) Best wishes, and as always looking forward to your future posts, Sarah:)

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  2. Thank you very much for the mention. That was very kind of you. I follow a couple of the other blogs you mention here already and they are very good. I’m interested to follow the links to the ones I don’t know and see what they are like too. 🙂

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  3. I cannot thank you enough for the sweet words and recognition. I had many doubts about returning to WP, but am glad I did because of amazing people like you.

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  4. Reblogged this on The Lonely Author and commented:
    Here is another thoughtful post by a good friend who made me blush. While I am still a blogging novice, I agree blogging is for making connections; creative and otherwise. I have been blessed with suppoortive followers and I have made several GOOD friends (many who I plan to meet face to face someday). Thank you so much for your kind words. I am flattered you would mention me in this way. Thank you so much for thinking of me.

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